Couples Coaching

Co-Creating for Couples is a program to help couples explore ways to re-kindle their passion and deepen their emotional intimacy by opening up a conversation about Romantic Paradigms.

Couples Coaching is the New Marriage Counseling. And I’ll tell you why…


First, set your agenda. Know your “relationship goals”.

Next, be willing to listen to the priorities that your beloved feels are next for them.

Now, take time to reflect on what you both have brought to the discussion.

You know you love her, or him. You know you want to keep building this relationship to something extraordinary, where you both feel stronger together than you do alone. So, now what? Here you are, living your life with possibly the Love of Your Life, and you wonder how to keep the Love alive. Enduring Love comes from both people reaching for their best lives ever. Both partners must come together for the sake of their own “dream come true” as well as to empower and uplift their beloved.

The Path to the Beloved shows you that in fact relationship is a spiritual practice. Serving each other’s highest good brings the best results, but we must balance that with staying true to our heart’s deepest desires. A pivotal moment comes when we must lean into our intuitive faculties and feel the power of the Unknown to shape-shift our current reality for one that is truly marvelous. Our deepest desires, when trusted, followed and adapted to the logistics of the situation, can yield the sweetest fruit and take us where no one has gone before.

It just takes stepping back far enough to get good with God, good with your precious s’elf, and only then, with your beloved, to ultimately make progress in your relationships. Our families rely on our good judgement, our commitment to our personal growth and development. Our communities rely on solid families to help build villages, towns, cities, and counties. Our voices for personal, community, and societal progress, makes living through these,  the most exciting times.

So, do your work. Get with yourself. Get good with God, and show up in your community with the clarity and courage of your convictions to love, honor, and cherish the ones you hold dear in your Life. Make every day a blessing for the good of all, as you choose your occupation, practice your religion, speak out for your politics, and explore your heart’s deepest desires.


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